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August 17, 2011  |    0 comments  |  Apps Technique/Workflow

As part of my photoblogging/sharing process, I generally have photos scheduled to be published at 05:30 on my photoblog, where they sit and get viewed and commented upon all day. Then, in the evening, after 19:00 CDT (or 18:00 CST), I upload them to Flickr, giving my site roughly 13-14 hours of exclusivity. The reason for trying to upload to Flickr as close as possible to these times is because that’s when Flickr’s “day” starts (it’s on GMT), which means that uploading at these times is the best way to maximize daily photo views, which are part of the mysterious algorithm Flickr uses to calculate things like “Interestingness” (not that I particularly worry about these things). Also, most people in North America seem to do their Flickr viewing in the evenings, so this time hits a nice spot when my photo will be landing in their “Contacts” photostream.

But how to do the upload? Some people use Flickr’s native upload functionality, but I find this kind of limited. Another option–and one that I occasionally use when uploading from my Mac or my PC–is Flickr Uploadr. Flickr Uploadr has a lot of nice features including the ability to tag photos and put them in sets, but is missing one of the most important–the ability to add a photo to groups from the application, meaning that after you upload, you still have to go into Flickr and add to groups from their interface. Which is okay, but not a favorite task because, for some reason, I constantly get this error when trying to add a photo to groups on the site itself:

(Flickr! Fix your code!)

Another issue with trying to stick to these times is that I’m usually walking our dog, Winston, between 19:00 and 20:00 during these times. Luckily, I have an iPhone with me and can upload on the go. I used to use the Flickr app, but, like the Flickr Uploadr, you can’t add photos to groups. So, after a bit of research, I discovered FlickStackr.

FlickStackr is everything Flickr’s app should be:

  • Profile view


  • Actions/Activity view

But the most relevant to this blog post is “Upload” and here are screencaps showing how you can set titles, tags, groups, geolocation and more when uploading:

As you can see, it’s the perfect iOS companion for Flickr users.  And it’s a universal app, so it will work on your iPad at native resolution!

So, what do you think ?


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