2021’s Most-Interesting Photos

January 24, 2022  |    0 comments  |  General Interest

First off, apologies that a) I haven’t actuallly blogged here in over a year; and b), that this usual year-end retrospective is almost a month late. I suck. I know. 😛

As in years past, these are the 10 most-interesting photos I made and shared in 2021 as determined by Flickr’s obscure and mysterious “Interestingness” algorithm.

10. Going Downtown

9. Shadow Grove

8. Walk to the Sea

7. Twilight Graves

6. In the Mysterious Hills

5. Waiting for Last Light

4. Duality

3. Unstructured

2. Among the Red Rocks

  1. On the Range

So, what do you think ?


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