The 2014 75Central Photography Year-End Recap

Last year, I posted a year-end recap for 2013, so I decided to continue this year with a 2014 year-end recap.

  • We made it to seven years of daily photos on 75Central.Com. In fact, the photo for January 2nd, 2015, is the 2,700th photo shared without a day missed since we started in 2007. Crazy, eh?
  • I continued my switch to the mirrorless micro four-thirds format, investing in a few new lenses and a tiny Lumix GM-1 as a back-up body/pocket camera.
  • Travel this year was a bit lighter than 2013, a result of a few day job changes on my part (the company I’d been working for for over 9 years sold out and massive layoffs followed. I floated around a bit, but luckily landed a great job working for my manager from my original job). That said, I did make it to Chicago, Minneapolis and Las Vegas this year, so not a complete loss.
  • And, like last year, here are 2014’s top 10 photos (as decided by Flickr’s mysterious “Interestingness” algorithm):

Marina City

An abstract architectural study of Chicago’s Marina City and the adjacent The Langham hotel tower


The Yellow Bull

Detail of a Lamborghini Aventador—named for a bull that fought valiantly at the Saragossa, Spain bullring in 1993—at the Cars in the Park event at Dallas’ Cooper Aerobics Center.The Arch Under the Cloudy Sky

The Emery Reves Arch of Peace rises into the cloudy sky at the Meyerson Symphony Center in the Dallas Arts District.Branches

Intricate tree branches rise into the overcast sky at DFW International Airport, Texas.Four Blackbirds

A mural of blackbirds frames four windows on a building in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TexasThe Lamp’s Shadow

A lamp throws a shadow onto a brick wall at Eastside Village in Downtown Plano, TexasWinter Trees

Stark, leafless trees spotted on the grounds of DFW International Airport, Texas.The Rickety Old Barn

An ancient wooden barn slowly rots at Penn Farm in Cedar Hill State Park, Texas.The Flight Helmet

An United States Air Force pilot’s flight helmet found at Addison, Texas’ Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

The Chain and Shadow

A rusting chain hanging from a pipe casts a shadow inside the abandoned Long Machine Tool Company building in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas.








  • January 1, 2015