If You’re Going To Steal…

…don’t edit my photos to crap.

Just discovered that PocketVegasDeals—a Groupon-like site solely-focused on Las Vegas—stole one of my photos of the Encore for a promotion. Of course I was angered by the blatant disregard of copyright law, but they also apparently edited the photo to hell. And, better yet, they didn’t strip the EXIF data…you can clearly see my copyright notice embedded in the data. (LeftyRodriguez was an earlier pseudonym I used for my photographic endeavors and MGH is my initials.  Also, I have the raw of this photo, so there’s no excuse, really.  Anyhow, see the thievery and the butchering in the below screencap:

vegasAnd see the original here:



  • October 10, 2013