You might have noticed that LeftyRodriguez.Com is no longer LeftyRodriguez.Com.  I’ve rebranded—obviously—as 75Central.Com.  I’m also using my real name rather than a fiction made up on a drunken night years ago while hanging out with former friends.

Why 75Central?

I’d struggled for months trying to find the perfect domain name that was available.  More and more individuals and start ups are having to come up with “odd” names just so they can secure a needed .com domain name.  One evening a couple of months ago, I was sitting at the intersection of Campbell Road and North Central Expressway in Richardson, Texas, waiting for the light to turn green.  I glanced up at the signage over the freeway and saw the numerical designation of North Central and was inspired: 75-Central Expressway.  It was weirdly perfect.  It subtly showed off the fact that I’m based in Dallas.  It was unique.  And, on a personal level, I was born in 1975.

I raced home to see if the domain was available.  Of course, for completeness, I’d need 75-Central.Com, and, of course, 75Central.Com.  I lucked out and the first two were readily available, so I snatched them up.  Unfortunately, the last was expired but not yet out of the renewal period.  If I was lucky and it wasn’t renewed and I was able to snag it before someone else registered it after it became available, then I’d be set.  So began the waiting game.  Three weeks later, the registrar finally deleted it and I grabbed it.  I had the three domains I needed.

After some modifications to my site’s branding, here we are.  75Central.Com. Or 75-Central or Seventyfivecentral.  They all work.  Even LeftyRodriguez.Com still works, for completeness. (Also, I’d hate to break permalinks!).

  • June 18, 2012