My Boring Year

So, as you may have heard, it’s recently come to light that Apple tracks your iPhone’s location for Quality-Of-Service reasons.  Unfortunately, they don’t purge this data after a certain time period and it’s backed up on your computer when you run iTunes’ back up process for your iOS device.  Of course, I actually found this fortunate, because I could see where I’d been over the last year.

And, damn, my last year has been boring, judging by the map below.  A lot of time in Dallas (which is where I live, so that’s no surprise), some time in East Texas (I have family there) and a single road trip down to Georgetown last August (interestingly, some of that data was captured to be in Austin, but I never actually made it to Austin on that trip).  Also, two trips to Las Vegas, in July and in December are here.  I was initially confused as to why it showed that I’d been in Phoenix, but then I remembered that one of my flights to Nevada had a quick layover at Sky Harbor (which just shows how memorable that airport is).

Unfortunately, it looks like this coming up year will probably be just as boring.  Sure, there may be a trip or two back to Nevada, but no “big” trips planned at the moment…not enough time to get away for more than a few days.

Anyhow, I thought this was kind of interesting.  You can download a Windows app to create a Google Earth .kml file from your iPhone backup here.  For Mac, try this app.

  • May 2, 2011