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Worldwide Photo Walk 2016

September 25, 2016  |    0 comments  |  Other

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, I’ll be hosting a photo walk as part of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk at Tyler State Park, Texas. Here are the details:

  • I encourage you to sign up for the walk at This will ensure you’re eligible to win one of the prizes being offered this year. Also, by signing up, we increase our walker count and ensure that we will be invited to host again next year.
  • We’ll meet at the historic bath house on the lake at the park at 4:30PM. You can find a map of the park at
  • We will walk north along the shore line then up into the woods to slowly loop back around southward back towards the bath house to arrive before sunset. The backlit views of the sun setting over the trees on the far side of the lake is quite nice and photogenic.
  • We’re not gear snobs, so feel free to bring anything that can take a photo.
  • The entrance fee to the park is $6 per person.
  • If you need to contact me the day of the walk, you can email me at or text me at 972-342-8078.
  • Since we’ll be walking in the woods, you should wear comfortable shoes/hiking boots and bug spray.
  • If you have any questions, please email me at

Why I Won’t Follow You On Flickr

January 31, 2014  |    0 comments  |  Flickr Photos Other
  • You use one of the default icons. It shows me you don’t care enough to make the effort to set yourself apart individually, so you probably don’t care about your craft.
  • You have less than 100 photos. This one is arbitrary on my part, as I’m sure there are a lot of people with great photos that have less than 100 shared on Flickr, but I like to follow people that have a deep portfolio, as it shows their committed to their craft.
  • Your comments are “award” comments. Sorry, not only am I going to not follow you, but I’m going to block you.
  • Your comments on every photo are exactly the same or some variation of the same thing, i.e. “Greatly seen”, “Great capture”, “Nice tones”.
  • Your username has “SEO” in it. It seems there are a lot of accounts that just plain state in their username that they’re trying to game the system.
  • Your photos are not really photos, but Tumblr-esque images with “inspirational” quotes or are otherwise obviously not original content.
  • You have obnoxious watermarks. Seriously, get over yourself.
  • Every fifth photo in your photostream is a screencap of your Flickr stats. No one cares if you have had over 2,000,000 views…you just look conceited and smug.
  • You send me messages to join a group. Or you send me a message asking me to visit your photostream or look at some crappy photo.
  • Your photos aren’t compelling (another arbitrary one on my part).

The Oddest Misappropriation of My Work Yet

July 24, 2013  |    0 comments  |  Legal Rights Other

I routinely use sites such as TinEye or Google Image Search to see where my photos are being used by copyright violators. This inevitably enrages me and I end up having to spend entirely too much time filing DMCA takedown notices.

Recently, I searched for my April 11, 2011 photo (below) to see if had been stolen.


And it had.

Specifically, it was being used in a presumably-home made video for a song  called Maula”  from an Indian movie with the somewhat questionable title Jism 2.  

You can see the offense for yourself (at the 1:45 mark):

Or, if you prefer, here are some screencaps (notice how they murdered the photo with a crappy, garishly-colored overlay:


Screenshot_072413_031609_PM Screenshot_072413_031525_PM







So now I get to waste even more precious time filing yet another DMCA takedown notice.

Size Comparison: Allure of the Seas vs. RMS Titanic

May 18, 2013  |    0 comments  |  General Interest Other

A couple of days ago, my featured photo on 75Central.Com was an abstract detail of Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas‘ port-side balconies:


In the description, I noted that this ship is the largest passenger vessel ever constructed (1,187 feet long and ~225,000 GT).  After posting this, I started wondering how that compared to the RMS Titanic, which was launched roughly 99 years before the Allure and was, at that time, the largest passenger vessel ever built.  Lucky for me, others have already done the comparison and I was able to find this somewhat mind-blowing graphic online:


Someone even put together this more direct comparison (though a quick comparison of Allure’s 154-foot beam with Titanic‘s 92-foot beam puts this into “questionable” territory) :


As for my own visual comparison, here’s a shot I recently took of the Allure sharing a dock in Cozumel with her fleetmate Mariner of the Seas (beam: 126 feet):

In Cozumel

Pixoto, Why Do You Destroy Photos?

September 21, 2012  |    0 comments  |  Elsewhere Other

I routinely submit my photos to both 500px and Pixoto, mainly for my own smug satisfaction of racking up high image scores on both sites.  Earlier today, I uploaded my recent “Merge” photo to both sites.  Afterwards, while viewing their scoring progress, I noticed that while the 500px copy of the image is as crisp as it was on my own site, the Pixoto version was apparently down-rezzed.  What’s going on, Pixoto?

Here are screencaps:





The Time I Inadvertently Took a Photo One of My Grandparents Had Already Taken

July 22, 2012  |    1 comment  |  Other

I’ve been slowly going through the photographic effects of my grandparents’ estate—slides, negatives and prints from a lifetime of travels and working in the oil industry.  Earlier this evening, I was flipping through some preliminary scans of prints and slides I did a few months back and found this one:

One of the drawbacks of this collection of random photographs is that most are unlabeled.  Some are easy to figure out, such as these:

(Paris, obviously)

(Luckily I was aware that my grandparents had traveled to Alaska in the 1970s, so it was easy to deduce this was pipe segments stored for inclusion in the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline)

But the photo above was in a box without any clues to its origins.  I had scanned it and forgotten about it, but when I was going over them again this evening, it caught my eye.  It could be anywhere in the Southwest of the US, but it seemed familiar.  Then it hit me, I have a photo (several, really) of this exact spot.  Or at least I was certain I was.  Digging through my Lightroom catalog, I found it:

Incredibly, I’d taken this almost-exact photo at Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, back in 2010.  And while I don’t know when their photo was taken (nor, for that matter, which grandparent took it), I was pleased to find a small, photographic connection to my grandparents, who’ve been deceased for 12 years.

Wherein Lefty Does A Good Deed

April 24, 2012  |    0 comments  |  Apps Elsewhere Other

I regularly peruse the photography subreddit on Reddit.Com and earlier tonight, while taking a break from day job-related stuff that overflowed into my non day-job timeframe, I came across a post from a fellow Redditor asking for help reconstructing a RAW file.  Specifically, he asked posted the following:

Being in a generous mood, I decided to help him.  Of course, as he stated, Photoshop was going to be difficult, so I wasn’t about to give that a shot.  (I’m not that altrustic!)

So I gave it a shot in Lightroom 4.  No dice.  Then I remember that I’d played around a bit with an app called Raw Photo Processor.  So I loaded it up, imported the file and…



I converted the file to a jpg, uploaded to imgur and posted the link.

Sadly, my fellow Redditor didn’t recognize the subject of the photo, so who knows what or where it came from…it’s just some random kid:

And while it didn’t really help this guy, it was fun doing some detective work, if only for a few minutes.


Update! It might be the father’s ex-girlfriend’s kid!

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